Keyhole surgery using robots

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory are incorporating maxon products as part of a project to develop Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (RAMIS).

Using robots in keyhole surgery offers many advantages compared to traditional Minimally Invasive Surgery, including improved vision, precision and dexterity. The SMARTsurg project has been setup to develop an advanced system for performing Robot Assisted MIS.

The project involves a team of ten institutions across Europe of highly experienced clinical, academic, and industrial partners. One of the institutions is the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL). maxon have worked with BRL on several projects and were delighted to be asked to assist on RAMIS.

The team are using maxon DC motors and controllers to drive and position the 3-finger surgical instrument that goes inside the body. The instrument will be controlled by exoskeletons that fit over the surgeon’s hands. In addition, they will also develop smart glasses to allow the surgeon to have a realistic view of what is taking place inside the body. The team found maxon products were easy to use and offered the precision and high power density necessary for this application.

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