Less is more with ultra-compact solenoid valve

A high density solenoid valve which offers the features of a large valve, combined with superior performance, yet in an ultra-compact design weighing just 4.5 grams, has been introduced by LEE PRODUCTS.

The latest version of the Lee (HDI) valve is a Lo-Lohm model that delivers increased flow capacity whilst helping engineers and OEM designers to meet the familiar objectives of 'make it smaller, lighter, more efficient, without increasing overall size and weight'. Available in either plug-in or face mount and with a choice of configurations, 2-way Normally Closed and 2-way Normally Open, the valves offer a flow capacity of up to 900 Lohms (19 SLPM @ 50 psid; Cv = 0.022. The valves have an operating pressure range of VAC - 50 psig (0-50 psid) and an operating temperature range of 40°F up to 120°F. Wetted materials include PPA, PBT, 316SS, 430F SS, FKM and Epoxy. In addition Lee Products offer a range of standard manifolds for testing as well as custom-designed manifold configurations for production. Performance parameters can be optimised for a specific application. Further details are available from: Mike Stott, Lee Products Ltd, Email: sales@leeproducts.co.uk Web: www.leeproducts.co.uk