Lithium polymer primary thin cells available down to 0.4mm thick

Powersolve has recently announced the CP Series of Lithium Polymer thin cells which are primary laminated aluminium thin foil batteries with a nominal 3V DC output. These cells can be manufactured down to 0.40mm thick and are very light weight.

There are a number of standard sizes available but custom versions can be made in various sizes to suit customer applications. Standard versions are available from 16mAh up to 3000mAh. They have a very low self discharge rate of around 1% per annum and have a 10 year shelf life. Operating temperature is -40 to +85ºC. They are explosion proof and are a completely safe design. Applications include smart cards, asset tracking tags, electronic tracking systems, smoke detectors, medical equipment, etc. GMB Series Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Cells from 100mAH to 10,000mAH Newly launched from Powersolve is the GMB Series of rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries. These cells are 3.7V at ratings from 120mAh up to 10,000mAh in very compact low profile packages. They can be supplied as single cells of which there are over 150 standard sizes, which come in profiles of as low as 2mm up to 10mm, or as packaged cells in shrink sleeving to increase output voltage or capacity. Custom versions can be manufactured in various shapes and dimensions to suit customer applications, but these could be subject to minimum order quantities and tooling charges. All cells or packages supplied feature Protective Circuit Modules (PCM) to protect against over charging, over discharging and over current. These cells are designed for applications where a slow discharge rate is required from the battery. With maximum discharge rate at 1 x the battery capacity. Operating Temperature is -10ºC to +45ºC during discharge and 0ºC to +45ºC during charging. Standard charge times are around 8 hours with fast charging achievable in only 2.8 hours. These batteries are ideal for applications such as hand held computers or PDA devices, mobile communication equipment such as cellular phones or radios, hand held bar code readers and any other portable equipment where space is at a premium and there is a requirement for compact high energy long life batteries. Powersolve are also able to supply chargers for any battery products supplied.