LPE release free Design Guide for Metal 3D Printing

LPE has just released a whitepaper highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of using DMLS. The comprehensive report offers advice for those designing for metal sintering, as well as case studies detailing some highly successful ventures into using the process for end use components.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), or metal 3D printing, is one of the hottest topics in advanced manufacturing. Parts can be produced accurately and fast in a range of metal materials, with a design freedom never before experienced with metal components.It is, however, not likely to become as “in the home” as plastic printing. It requires expert handling and experience with good designs that optimise 3 D printing, complex process controls, heat treatments, and expert clean up techniques to ensure quality end use parts.

With this in mind, LPE can now draw on 25 years Rapid Prototyping experience to offer the process to its customers. The design guide helps explain how the process works and offers pre design advice based on this to help customers get the very most out of this latest step forward in metals manufacturing.

Using the high resolution M Lab machine from Concept Laser, LPE can offer parts in aluminium and stainless steel within days. Building parts with layer thicknesses as low as 0.025 mm and tolerances of ±0.075 mm, LPE is the only RP bureau in the UK offering such high resolution metal components to its customers.

In addition to our standard DMLS finish, we offer in-house services such as hand-polishing and painting. We can also accommodate additional secondary options upon customer request. When tighter tolerances are required, we can provide secondary machining operations such as drilling, slotting, milling, and reaming.

For your own personal copy of the Design Guide for Metal Sintering, please click on the link and leave your request – we will send you a copy immediately!