Magnetic shape memory material

New to the Goodfellow range, reacts to a magnetic field by changing shape, and can be used in various applications such as compact actuators, vibration dampers or sensors.

Goodfellow is delighted to announce the addition of an exciting new product to our range - Magnetic Shape Memory Material. This patented NiMnGa single crystal material has some extremely innovative properties: Magnetic Shape Memory Effect - up to 6% elongation in a magnetic field. Exhibits Villari (inverse magnetostrictive) effect. Shape Memory Alloy effect - in addition to a shape change caused by the application of a magnetic field, an additional shape change is caused by temperature. Change in resistance if the element is fully elongated or compressed. Controlled spring properties. Uses Actuators The magnetic shape memory effect can be used to design actuators, where the element elongates based on the presence of a magnetic field. The elongation is fully reversible with rapid shape changes and cycle times of 1 to 2 kHz. Several hundred million cycles have been achieved while testing fatigue life. Magnetic shape memory materials give much higher strain outputs than piezo-based materials or magnetostrictive materials. They also provide higher energy density than magnetostrictive materials or piezo-based materials. Energy harvesters Compressing or elongating this material causes it to alter any magnetic field in which it is placed which can be used to "harvest" vibration energy. Possible uses include battery charging in environments where it is difficult to gain access to the batteries for replacement. Sensors Using the material's properties, it is possible to construct speed sensors as well as distance, strain and magnetic field detectors. Goodfellow stocks various sizes as standard for prototype development; other dimensions are of course available on request.