Micro-Epsilon to showcase new thickness sensor and new inline thermography system for injection moulding at MENE 2017

At the Manufacturing & Engineering North East exhibition, Micro-Epsilon UK will present two NEW measurement systems. moldCONTROL is an inline thermal imaging system for the early detection of defects and quality fluctuations in injection moulded parts and thicknessSENSOR the affordable compact thickness measurement system for strip, plate and film targets.

The inline thermal imaging system moldCONTROL is particularly well suited to large, complex, multi-layered or transparent moulded parts and can be easily retrofitted to existing injection moulding machines. Materials include all plastics, polymers, elastomers, rubber and even glass

thicknessSENSOR is a fully assembled system, immediately ready for use ‘out of the box’ and costs less than £10,000. The system is designed to bridge the gap between customers’ own self-build solutions and the high cost, large investment thickness measurement systems that involve commissioning by the supplier’s own engineers.

In addition, the stand (A1) will also feature five interactive product demonstrations:

Measuring to nanometre accuracy

The capabilities of the high precision, integrated capacitive displacement measuring system - the capaNCDT 6200 – will be demonstrated on the stand by measuring the deflection of granite stone to nanometre accuracy (resolution is down to 0.002µm

Colour measurement system

The stand will also feature colorCONTROL ACS7000, an inline high speed colour measurement system that measures the actual colour of the target by identifying their coordinates in the colour space. The system can be taught ‘pass fail/limits’. Existing applications include automotive paint inspection, car interiors, coloured glass, transparent film and sheet production, printing, packaging, medical technology, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and in the processing of plastics, food, wood, paper, veneer and textiles.

Eddy current controller with auto-calibration

Eddy current sensors from the eddyNCDT series are ideal for harsh environments. Examples include the measurement of valve lift, needle lift, breathing of the cylinder head, oil film thickness, crankshaft concentricity, crankshaft axial movement and piston secondary movement. The demonstration on the stand features the eddyNCDT sensor measuring the lubricating gap on a piston/cylinder.

Laser triangulation at its best

The optoNCDT 1320 and optoNCDT 1420 laser displacement sensors speed, size, performance and ease of integration is unrivalled in the market today. The sensors are suitable for a variety of medium-to-high volume applications in automation, machine building and systems integration.

Blue laser profile sensor

The scanCONTROL 2910-25 BL is a new high performance laser profile sensor with a sharp focused 25mm blue laser line. The sensor is ideal for applications where absolute precision is required on small or difficult-to-measure surfaces such as transparent plastic film, glass, red-hot glowing metals and organic (e.g. foods, wood) materials.

For more information or to book an appointment on the stand, please call the Micro-Epsilon sales department on 0151 355 6070 or email info@micro-epsilon.co.uk