Miniature internal gear pumps perfect for OEM applications

Looking for precise, accurate, pulse-free pumping or dispensing of liquids for your OEM application? HNP / MZR micro-annular internal gear pumps from Michael Smith Engineers are the perfect solution. These miniature pumps provide smooth pulse-less pumping with flow rates from as little as 0.0015 up to 1152 ml/min at differential pressures up to 150 Bar. Integrated drive and control mean a small, compact package for minimum space requirements.

Outstanding resistant to both wear and chemical attack are among the key features of the HNP 11558 micro annular gear pump, recently added to the established range of HNP MZR internal gear pumps. Available from pumping specialists MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS the HNP 15588 pump features the toughest, most chemically resistant materials for its key components and incorporates a magnetic coupling to ensure leak-free pumping. For example, ceramics for bearings and shaft, rotors of zirconium oxide, alloy C22 for case components, which results in a pump able to withstand the most aggressive and corrosive media. The HNP 115588 pump is designed to deliver smooth, precise pulse-less flows (CV<1% at low volumes) at high differential pressures up to 60 Bar and is ideally suited to critical fluids handling applications. This compact pump, which measures just 301 x 130 x 129mm (L,W,H) and weighs around 12 kg, delivers flow rates from as little as 0.19 ml/min up to 1152 ml/min. It incorporates a dynamic brushless precision motor with a 500 count per rotation encoder. Successful applications for HNP pumps have included pumping organic compounds in continuous processing systems in pharmaceuticals manufacturing, accurate pulse-less small capacity dosing of flavours and additives in food processing equipment and precise, smooth filling of medical capsules. Read more here