Miniaturised motor controller boasts easy USB setup

maxon motor has unveiled the first of its new generation, user-friendly DC motor controllers. Measuring just 55 x 40 mm, the ESCON 36/2 offers dynamic, 4-quadrant control of brushed motors to 72 W, at speeds from 1 to 150,000 rpm.

Despite measuring just 55 x 40 mm, the versatile new ESCON offers extremely dynamic, 4-quadrant control of brushed DC motors to around 72 W, at speeds from 1 to 150,000 rpm. A variety of operating modes includes open or closed loop speed control, as well as current control, with an array of useful bonus functions, such as speed-ramping capability and the option to enable or disable the power stage depending on the direction of rotation. Importantly, inputs and outputs can be digitally configured, quickly and easily, simply by plugging in to a PC's USB port and following on-screen instructions. The emphasis on compactness and usability extends to hardware: no external filters or motor chokes are required, and even pre-assembled startup cables are available. In-built protective circuits safeguard the controller against overcurrent, excess temperature, under and over-voltage, voltage transients and short-circuits in the motor cable. Similarly, adjustable current limitation protects the motor and load from accidental damage. maxon motor believes the ESCON's energy efficiency of 95% makes it an ideal choice for mobile, battery-powered and other consumption-optimised applications, alongside the obvious uses in automation, small machine manufacturing and mechatronics. Naturally, the controller is designed to be a perfect match for maxon's world-leading, permanent magnet DC motors. maxon motor UK senior sales engineer Paul Williams said: "The ESCON 36/2 really does push the envelope for miniaturisation – and the USB configuration for input and output is simply child's play." "In fact, with that much performance and versatility in such a compact package, the only thing easier than the ESCON's setup is making the decision to use one." For more information on the new controller, or to get in touch with maxon's UK engineering team, telephone 01189 733337, email, or visit