Multiphysics modelling and simulation apps inform better business and engineering solutions

COMSOL published the annual edition of COMSOL News. The magazine features case studies of simulation specialists working with their colleagues and customers to find solutions that can satisfy both business and engineering goals.

Enabled by high-fidelity multiphysics models of the products they want to design and a culture of collaboration with the convenience of simulation apps, engineers are pushing the limits of technology while reducing the need for physical prototypes. COMSOL News 2018 reports on how creating accurate digital prototypes and deploying simulation apps has become standard practice among industry leaders.

Justin McKennon, who leads the Modelling and Analytical Team at NTS Pittsfield, said “Time is money in our industry, and our customers are very pleased with the service we’re able to provide thanks to our multiphysics modelling capabilities. In fact, some customers are so confident in the validity of our simulations that they’ve begun to make wholesale business decisions based solely on our results.” NTS is a world leader in the design and validation of sophisticated lightning protection systems for the aerospace industry, including aircraft, space vehicles, and launch facilities.

COMSOL News 2018 features more than a dozen articles covering a diverse range of projects making use of multiphysics modelling and apps distributed through organisations’ internal portals. Featured articles discuss: biopharmaceutical processes, minimising corrosion in multimaterial assemblies, gear lubrication, automotive product design, semiconductor manufacturing breakthroughs, enhancing water quality, and developing noncontact magnetic couplings.

“Numerical simulation impacts every aspect of the world around us. Keeping the environment clean is one important example. Our cover features the Dommel river in The Netherlands, which is thriving thanks to the engineers at Tauw and their simulation work,” says Valerio Marra, marketing director, COMSOL, Inc. “The simulation specialists featured in this year’s edition of COMSOL News are making the world a better place. They don’t do it alone though, engineers across departments and continents are working together to solve the challenges that remain in building better products and processes.”

COMSOL News 2018 is available as an online magazine and can be viewed digitally or downloaded in PDF format at: