New Avseal® XT Significantly Reduces Assembly Costs With Simple & Rapid Installation – Available Now at Zygology

Avseal® XT is a new sealing system offering rapid & cost-effective sealing of high-pressure hydraulics applications that provide a permanent, reliable metal seal that’s capable of withstanding pressures of over 1,600 bar.

A cost analysis study by Stanley Engineered Fastening discovered that when compared to an, existing, alternative sealing method, utilising Avseal breaksteam plugs reduces the number of sealing processes, increasing productivity by 600% & reducing labour costs by €20,833.33 (when comparing like-for-like fastener costs at €20,000).

How It Works

Avseal® XT blind breakstem plugs are installed into plain drilled cross holes in hydraulic manifolds & valve blocks to provide a permanent metal seal making it suitable for even the most demanding applications.

The Avseal XT range suits holes of sizes 5mm up to 10mm & is designed specifically for the sealing of high-pressure hydraulics in industrial control gear, ground transportation, agricultural equipment & many other sectors.

Product Performance:

  • High tensile steel stem & aluminium sleeve provide extreme sealing capability. Tested at proof oil pressures of over 1,600 bar (23,200 lb/in2).
  • Intended for hydraulic applications with cyclic working pressures up to 500 bar (7,250 lb/in2).
  • Stringent quality controls of material & process throughout production.
  • Air-leak & pressure testing of every production batch to verify sealing integrity.
  • Plugs plain drilled holes with no special preparation – no thread- cutting or reaming required.
  • Sleeve radial expansion is driven by high breakstem load to ensure reliable sealing with no tool settings involved.
  • Rounded stem head is larger than sleeve thereby protecting it from accidental damage during insertion. Additionally stem head form provides guidance into the closer fitting application hole sizes - either with manual or automated placing tooling.

Avseal® XT System Features:

  • Rapid Installation & Lower Assembly Costs - Avseal® XT Plugs installation saves time compared to tapered plugs, ball plugs & threaded plugs.
  • Sealing - High integrity all metal seal, achieved through huge radial pressures acting on aluminium sleeve engaging it into the microscopic grooves of the drilled hole.
  • Pressure Profile - Avseal® XT is suitable for very high-pressure fluid sealing applications (up to 500bar working pressure). Burst capability 1,600 bar.
  • Vibration Resistance - Internal tapered stem locks into installed sleeve rigidly to provide robust plugging of holes with high vibration resistance.
  • Exceptional Quality - Stringent quality controls of material & process throughout production.
  • Simplified System - Standard equipment, reduced preventative maintenance. Quality of seal is not operator dependant.
  • Ease Of Installation - Plain clearance hole eases installation of the plug for the benefit of manual operators or automation equipment. Additionally, yellow passivated stem colour (CrVl free) aids identification.
  • Debris & Wear - Minimal debris & low risk of hole damage while installing the Avseal® XT plugs.

Industry Applications:

  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Oil & gas
  • Agriculture / ground works
  • Popular assembly applications include thin wall applications, restricted space, shorter hole length, high-pressure applications, holes with large tolerance, & automotive low-pressure applications. The standard Avseal XT range suits holes of sizes 5mm up to 10mm.

New Opportunities For Zygology Customers

Discussing the arrival of the Avseal® XT system to Zygology, Sales Director Richard Avery said, “Avseal® XT offers higher performance than existing sealing plugs making it an ideal choice for even the most demanding, high pressure hydraulic applications.

“The reliability of the Avseal® XT system will reduce the possible catastrophic risk of sealing failure whilst also reducing assembly & labour costs.

“It’s a welcome addition to the sealing plug range at Zygology that creates exciting new opportunities for our customers.”

Get In Touch With The Assembly Experts

If you’d like a sample or to discuss how to utilise the new Avseal® XT & discover how it can increase sealing reliability & reduce your labour costs, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email

You can also see more information on the new Avseal XT Series Extra High Pressure Sealing Plug here or view our full range of Avseal Sealing plugs here.

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