Southco Hinges are designed to add functionality to doors and panels, offering a high-quality feel and performance that lasts over the lifetime of the application. Southco offers a variety of hinges, including removable hinges that allow easy door removal, friction hinges and torque hinges that allow a heavy door to be held open, lifted or moved into one or many positions, and concealed hinges that take up minimal packaging space.

Southco has added two more products to its growing range of hinges.


Southco’s new nylon plastic, aluminium, and zinc EH Free-Swinging Hinges extend their trusted line of surface mount hinges to address the requirements of heavy-duty applications. The plastic hinge is compact and powerful, the aluminium hinge offers corrosion resistance, and the zinc hinge features adjustable mounting, offering solutions for demanding industries, including HVAC, Industrial Equipment, and Transportation.


  • 180-degree rotation of doors
  • Surface-mounted design for easy installation
  • High quality, smooth feel
  • Integrated thread stud and nut installation versions improve aethetics











Southco’s E6-70 Constant Torque Position Control Hinge provides reliable positioning with its wide range of consistent operating efforts and eliminates the need for gas struts or other secondary support components to hold doors or panels in position. With a high-gloss, stainless steel finish and maintenance-free performance, the E6-70 is as attractive as it is reliable.


  • Holds doors and panels in the correct position
  • Selectable symmetric and asymmetrics torque load settings
  • Stylish designs
  • concealed fixings

See below how Southco E6 constant torque hinges work

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