New MRS Angle Encoder with Integral Bearing from HEIDENHAIN

HEIDENHAIN’s range of MRS Incremental Angle Encoder Modules feature high system accuracies and load bearing capability with an all-in-one encoder and bearing design.

Ideal for use in axis joints found in measuring arms, robots and collaborative robots, ±10 arc second accuracies can be achieved with axial and radial load bearing capabilities of up to 100N and 45N respectively. Thanks to a pre-loaded bearing and pre-mounted angle encoder, the MRS modules eliminate the need for exact alignment and adjustment therefore reducing overall build cost in multiple axis/joint applications.

For a typical conventional axis/joint application this could mean up to 60% fewer components are required. Installation is even easier if the mounting component includes a centering collar.  The MRS 2000 is available with the industry standard 1Vpp interface.