New Thomson Electrak HD linear actuators from HT Servo Limited

HT Servo Limited, a leading supplier of mechanical motion control solutions, has an entirely new platform of electric linear actuators, which enable design engineers to convert a wider range of hydraulic applications to electric and substantially improve application control. The new Electrak HD™ electric linear actuator offers a new level of electronic functionality with the introduction of the Electrak Modular Control System. Electrak HD boosts power to 10 kN (2250 lbs.) with stroke lengths up to 1000mm (39 inches). It has been tested successfully to meet the toughest OEM environmental and electronic component acceptance tests, including IP69K, confirming that the Electrak HD provides maximum performance and continuity in the harshest environments.

“Many industries are moving towards enhanced controllability and a better user experience. Design engineers should consider the Electrak HD if an application requires the enhanced functionality that an integrated control system can provide. This includes SAE-J1939 CAN bus communication, position feedback, dynamic braking, low level power switching, and end of stroke output,” said David Baillie of HT Servo Limited.

The new Electrak HD™ electromechanical actuators are designed to perform in heavy-duty applications such as mobile-off-highway vehicles, utility vehicles, emergency and rescue vehicles, railroad equipment, roadwork and construction site equipment and logistic systems. They have the unique capability to withstand some of the harshest environments, as well as flexible onboard intelligence, providing a better user experience in all environments.

Onboard intelligence

With enhanced functionality provided by the integrated Electrak Modular Control System

(EMCS) and its optional features, the Electrak HD offers a simpler method of control and communication, which reduces operating costs, requires less space and simplifies setup and installation. Optional out-of-the-box SAE-J1939 CAN bus communication enables enhanced controllability and diagnostics on machines compatible with the SAE-J1939 CAN bus protocol. Optional low level switching, end of stroke indication output, and a choice of analogue or digital position feedback provide additional versatility.

Heavy-duty capability

Electrak HD actuators can handle bidirectional loads up to 10 kN (2250 lbs.) with stroke lengths up to 1000mm (39 inches), opening a new, wider range of hydraulic to electric conversion. The new design utilises a high quality ball screw assembly, reducing current draw by up to 20% over previous models. The new line also offers a wide range of speed options, up to 75 mm/s (3 in/sec) on some models.

Tested to meet the toughest OEM environmental protection requirements

Electrak HD actuators also feature Thomson’s unique environmental resistance and protection characteristics. Its IP69k (static), IP67 (static) and IP66 (static/dynamic) IP ratings enable maximum performance and continuity in the harshest environments. The actuators operate in temperatures ranging from - 40 to + 85 °C (- 40 to + 185 °F), can withstand salt spray for 200 hours, and are CE, RoHS and REACH (EU) certified.

Built in Thomson quality

The Electrak HD comes standard with manual override, anti-rotation features, integral thermal overload protection, load lock in case of nut overload failure, high quality ball screw, and flexible front and rear clevis options. Also the retracted minimum length for a given stroke is the same, no matter what control option is in use.

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