Overcome heavy-duty challenges with Schaeffler’s new cylindrical roller bearings

Schaeffler is introducing a new series of rolling bearings for heavy-duty industrial gearboxes and construction machinery.

Users from the industrial and offroad segments now have a sustainable, reliable and convenient-to-use rolling bearing solution for highly loaded shafts. Schaeffler’s new cylindrical rolling bearings take the top spot in heavy-duty applications amongst others on the market. They also perform better under mixed friction conditions than other commonly available bearings.

Sebastian Pfeuffer, Product Manager Cylindrical Bearings at Schaeffler comments: “Our new cylindrical roller bearing series was specifically adapted to match increased performance requirements through optimisations in the selection of materials, design, surface quality and heat treatment. The high-performance MPAX cage with its proven strength characteristics stands for far above-average load carrying capacity and has proved to be extremely robust in high-vibration applications.”

Also, in the interests of sustainability, Schaeffler’s new bearings make a valuable contribution to reducing Co2 emissions due to their durability and economic efficiency.

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