Solving design and engineering conundrums with innovative adhesive development is a constantly changing landscape - and we absolutely love it!

Permabond is proud to present a selection of adhesives that are helping to power the transition towards a greener, more sustainable world. We are witnessing a dynamic shift in many areas of production and energy usage, but this is especially clear in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), which are swiftly overtaking petrol-powered cars to become the norm on our roads.

We offer a range of adhesives for use in this industry, but our TA46XX range is particularly well-suited. This is a range of toughened acrylic adhesives designed to bond a wide range of different materials. Our TA4611 is particularly well suited for bonding EV charging unit housings, as these are often built from low surface energy plastics. An additional benefit to this adhesive is that no primer or other expensive surface treatment is required prior to bonding. It provides a strong bond while also allowing for disassembly when servicing is required.

This year has also seen the launch of our TA4230 fire-retardant structural acrylic. This adhesive has been third-party tested to meet UL-94 V-0 standards and has great adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. It’s well suited to EV applications such as EV battery and charger cable potting and sealing, as well as for bus and train interior composites bonding.

Continuing the green theme, our F201HV hydrogen-ready anaerobic sealant is a real game-changer for the gas industry. It has been approved for use by KIWA and meets Inorm-KE214 standards. It has been specifically designed to prevent leaks, enabling future-ready hydrogen-based appliances to have the level of safety they need to drive change in our gas supply.

For further information, please contact Permabond’s technical team on 01962 711661, email or browse at your leisure on If you’d prefer a face to face chat, come and visit us at stand S100 by the entrance of Advanced Engineering in November (and grab some free adhesive while you’re there!)