Precision in Motion: The Power of Programmable Encoders for Effortless Machine Control

Take control of your machine's movement with programmable encoders. Whether in a robotic system or a conveyor, these encoders are a cost-effective solution for ensuring smooth and accurate machine operation.

BEPC's Accu-Coder Pro™ programmable encoders are specifically designed for the challenges of an industrial environment. Contained within the rugged, industrial housing is an advanced set of electronics that allow the encoders to be programmed to your exact application needs. With the easy-to-use, point-and-click interface, programming is quick and straightforward. The programming features allow a single encoder to be configured for multiple applications, enabling one encoder to replace many different part numbers, providing cost savings on inventory and down-time replacement. Using BEPC’s optional USB programming module you can choose from 6 different output types, 32 different waveforms, and program any resolution from 1 to 65,536 CPR – that's 262,144 counts using 4x quadrature counting. Accu-Coder Pro™ encoders can also be configured and shipped with specs pre-programmed, no on-site programming is needed.
Now, also the new Programmable Linear Measurement Solution allows for the selection of the encoder type (absolute or programmable incremental), output type or protocol, measuring wheel type and size, optional mounting bracket, and optional programming kit (for the programmable incremental encoder). This wide array of component choices permits a flexible, robust measurement solution that can be fine-tuned to meet the exact requirements of your application.

Since 1969, millions of our encoders have been applied for countless feedback requirements in nearly every conceivable industry. It’s in these real-world applications that EPC products, and the engineering behind them, are put to the test. British Encoder Products Co. is the European Branch of the Encoder Products Group, a worldwide manufacturer of motion sensing and control devices serving the diverse needs of its global customers. We are a customer-driven company that is responsive in the areas of customer service and technical support.

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