PROFINET is widely used by major industrial equipment manufacturers and has three different classes:

PROFINET Class A provides access to a PROFIBUS network through proxy. PROFINET Class B introduces a software-based real-time approach and has reduced the cycle time to approximately 10 ms.

PROFINET Class C (PROFINET IRT), is Isochronous and real-time, requiring special hardware to reduce the cycle time to less than 1ms to deliver sufficient performance on the real-time industrial Ethernet for motion control operations. PROFINET RT can be used in PLC-type applications, while PROFINET IRT is a good fit for motion applications. PROFINET-ready absolute encoders Model A58HE (blind hollow bore) and Model A58SE (shaft) are designed for harsh factory and plant environments. Easily designed into a wide variety of applications, these encoders plug directly into a network with minimal prerequisites, and work in various configurations, including bus, ring, and star configurations that can continue communication in event of a line break. As absolute encoders, they retain absolute position information even after a power loss, facilitating speedy system recovery at start-up without the need for system re-homing. Ready for Industry 4.0 and for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data exchange between the Model A58HE and Mode; A58SE, and other applications has no influence on the control loop. These encoders are non-reactive and can work independently from the PLC or master, transferring data through network gateways to other automation networks and sites, and up to the cloud for analysis.

BEPC encoders are increasingly becoming the basic elements of automation systems in industries as:

- Machine building
- Autonomous Vehicles & Robots
- Automation and sorting
- Aerospace
- Food & Beverage
- Printing
- Material Handling
- Mobile equipment, etc.

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