PSC Global invests over £150K in new machines to boost manufacturing capabilities by 20%

Recognising our existing die cutting machines were no longer adequate to support our evolving growth aspirations, PSC Global has purchased two new receding head presses from Global Cutting Technologies Ltd (GCT). We can now do more, quicker.

With customer satisfaction standards and an international expansion strategy as ambitious as ours, PSC Global’s always looking to up its game. More efficient, more cost effective, improved quality, quicker: we haven’t stood still for over 30 years. As a forward-thinking team passionate about supporting our customers to reach their goals, we’re constantly striving to perform better.

We recognised our existing die cutting machines wouldn’t sustain our exciting development aims and we couldn’t let the situation limit us. PSC Global’s always made optimum use of its equipment, premises and materials and, to fulfil our goals and our customers’ expectations, we bought two new receding head presses, the RB 40 and RB 100.

Our gasket manufacturing capacity was being hampered by our machine numbers: we needed more and they had to be easier to operate. Our older presses were labour-intensive, needing two people, and cumbersome to manage which meant we would sometimes have multiple jobs queued. As a lean manufacturing company, this wasn’t on.

We approached GCT with our requirement for state-of-the-art, high pressure receding head presses. As their names suggest, the RB 40 and RB 100 exert an imposing 40 and 100 tonnes of pressure respectively. The size of the RB 100 means we’re now capable of pressing larger gaskets and the machines are versatile so we can adjust their pressures and adapt them to cut gaskets of different sizes concurrently. With the ability to move jobs smoothly around between presses, we’ve increased throughput and bolstered production by around 20%.

Our investment shows a commitment to PSC Global’s bold vision of international expansion and European market-leader status and it’s already paying off. The increased capabilities in speed, materials and gasket size the machines deliver is a win for us and a win for our valued customers.

Chris Smith, our Managing Director said, “Purchasing the two new machines has both bolstered our capacity and increased the capability essential for delivering value to our customers.”

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