Ready-to-fit linear systems for machine tools

Schaeffler has developed a comprehensive range of ready-to-fit, complete linear guidance systems for machine tools, including profiled rail linear guides, linear actuators, linear recirculating roller bearings & guideway assemblies, shaft guidance systems, and a range of accessories.

For high precision motion control of machine tools and other production machinery, design engineers and end users increasingly require ready-to-fit, complete linear motion systems with integrated features such as sealing, lubrication, measuring and braking. Schaeffler has developed a comprehensive range of standard, ready-to-fit complete linear guidance systems for machine tools, including profiled rail linear guides, linear actuators, shaft guidance systems, linear recirculating roller bearings and guideway assemblies, as well as a range of accessories such as damping carriages, seals, equipment for long term lubrication, clamping and mounting components. Schaeffler's RUE range of roller type profiled rail linear guidance systems, for example, have been working reliably for many years in machine tool applications. However, manufacturers and design engineers are demanding higher load carrying capacities, longer- term precision, more dynamics and higher machine availability. In response to these requirements, Schaeffler's premium quality X-life profiled rail linear guidance systems offer improved performance in terms of higher running speeds (typically 40% higher) with unchanged load carrying capacity and rigidity for highly dynamic machine tools. The RUE..E roller type profiled rail units, for example, provide reliable support for the main axes of machine tools. For extremely high loads that need to be transported in vertical axes, Schaeffler's MDKUVE tandem actuator module is ideal. For feed and discharge systems, tool changers and handling systems, Schaeffler's ready-to-mount linear actuators are the preferred choice. The MKUVS 42 LM, for example, is a linear actuator with a direct drive. This system is suitable for high speed, high precision positioning applications in machine tools and can also be used as a tool changer. The compact, integrated design of the linear actuator system means it requires less space to install. For more information on Schaeffler's range of linear and rotary bearings for machine tools, please call the Marketing Department on 0121 313 5870 and request a copy of publication PKW 'Bearings for Machine Tools'. Alternatively, email