Save 50% with the new Rollix slewing ring EVOLUTION range

At Rollix, we design & manufacture special slewing rings from 100 mm to 6000mm diameter, with and without gear. Total Cost of Ownership and Life Cycle Cost are essential in today's product approach, the cost of the product, and the cost to maintain it through its entire life have to be taken into account. Thanks to unique expertise and world leader position we are now launching a unique solution: LIFE GREASED SLEWING RING with its new range: EVOLUTION

With Rollix new EVOLUTION range, you can now reduce the total cost by 50%.

The Slewing Ring is greased for its entire lifetime:-

  • No re-greasing
  • Maintenance free
  • Increase your productivity

How is it possible ?

  • Thanks to state-of-the-art sealing system, designed & patented by Rollix, proven by unique experience of being world leader in the wind turbine field, & extensive in-house testing.
  • Highest cleanliness of the raceway:By grinding process of the raceway, achieving the utmost finished quality surface, enabling the minimum of impurities which can be created by friction. The new slewing ring EVOLUTION is a self-sufficient and proven component that:
  • Reduces maintenance time and its global cost by at least a half
  • Increases the availability of your teams
  • Is a Green product (no used grease in the environment)

Don’t hesitate to contact us at we would be pleased to help you.You can also visit our brand new Eshop on for our standard slewing rings. You will be able to access live stock availability, and place your orders directly with discounted price, at any time!