Schaeffler OPTIME prevents unplanned downtime

If your production machines and auxiliary equipment need to run continuously, the cost of any unplanned downtime can be significant.

CEMEX, a manufacturer of building materials, faced this exact challenge. To solve this, they reached out to Schaeffler who advised installing their OPTIME Condition Monitoring (CM) solution and ProLink Condition Monitoring System (CMS) at its cement plant in Chelm, Poland.

They agreed to trial this solution and a few months after installing OPTIME CM, a warning message was displayed in the OPTIME app on one of the large fans. Thanks to this early warning, the maintenance team were able to react quickly and avoid any unplanned downtime - OPTIME CM monitors numerous pumps, fans, gearboxes, and motors. The scalable solution consists of wireless sensors, a gateway and a digital service that includes automatic data analysis in the cloud and the provision of key information in an app and a web-based dashboard. Furthermore, as OPTIME CM is wireless, maintenance staff no longer need to access hard-to-reach machines and auxiliary equipment, reducing the risk of accidents.

ProLink CMS was also installed to monitor a large gearbox on the cement mill and the main drive of the kiln and dryer crusher. ProLink CMS is a multi-channel system that enables reliable monitoring, despite the variable operating conditions and surface temperatures.

To discover the benefits CEMEX has seen since implementing OPTIME CM and ProLink CMS, read the full story here: