Smart, Networked Motors Allow Decentralised Solutions Without PLC

Due to the influences of the "Internet of Things", more and more intelligence is being moved from the control panel level to the end devices. Process logic and analytics continue to move to higher levels and up into the cloud. This creeping diffusion of the control level opens up completely new approaches for decentralised control concepts. As the global market leader in integrated BLDC motors, Dunkermotoren has been a pioneer in decentralised intelligent motors for 20 years.
Dunkermotoren provides its customers with innovative solutions to implement new decentralised
control concepts without a PLC.

Decentralised architectures follow the approach that decisions are made directly where the resulting actions are carried out. Only higher level logic such as process data acquisition, workpiece tracking or visualization is taken over by higher level systems. Specifically, this means that all time critical applications that have to be executed in real time are executed directly on the field devices. The integrated smart motors of the BG series from Dunkermotoren have internalised this approach and, thanks to their free programmability in C and connectivity via the common industrial communication standards such as OPC UA, with or without TSN and MQTT, bring the necessary tools for decentralised concepts.

But what structural advantage does a decentralised architecture offer over a central architecture?

One of the two obvious advantages is the reduced wiring effort, since not all field devices have to be routed to a central controller. The second is the smaller space requirement, since a large central control cabinet is no longer required. These two advantages together with the savings for control elements that are no longer required have a positive effect on cost and space optimization.

In summary, the advantages of a decentralised control concept lie in cost and space savings, reduced overall complexity, high scalability and the possibility of a consistent, future-oriented communication architecture. With a wide portfolio of smart BLDC motors of the BG series and experience in implementing decentralised concepts, Dunkermotoren is your perfect partner to support you in implementing a decentralised control concept with know-how and market-leading products.