Southco’s new bi-stable cover for the E3 VISE ACTION Compression Latch released

Southco's Vise Action Compression Latches provide a mechanical advantage, ensuring tight, vibration resistant door closure to seal out water and dust, while allowing easy access with a choice of key and tool security options. The smooth operation of the VISE ACTION® design aligns the cam behind the frame and draws it up tight with a single, continuous half-turn motion.

Features include, up to 6.4mm (0.25”) of compression, numerous hand, tool and key actuation options with an extensive range of body and installation styles all sealed to meet NEMA and IP standards.

The cover stays open fully when the latch is not closed to inform through a visual indication of the status of the latch. The latch cover is an expansion of Southco’s current range of VISE ACTION® Compression latches which allows the operator to identify whether the latch is open or closed.

The cover is designed to pop open when the latch is not secure, an addition to Southco’s line of MAKE SAFETY VISIBLE BY SOUTHCO™ product range, which provide visual indications for improving safety and monitoring access in a variety of applications.

The standard E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch has been adapted to work with the cover, that is installed at the time of assembly, on top of the latch. The cover is bi-stable, which means it will either stay fully open or fully closed. If the latch is not fully closed, the cover cannot be closed over the latch and will spring open, this indicates to the user that the latch is not secure.

If the latch is fully closed, the cover can close over it, this will be in the fully closed position, providing a clear visual indication that the latch is secure. The Bi-Stable cover allows operators to easily identify and detect latch status, improving efficiency and safety, and may reduce maintenance errors.

The bi-stable cover is designed with heavy use in mind, it helps protect the E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch from any moisture or dust particles that may be prevalent in the area of application, thus making it an excellent choice for outdoor, high vibration or even corrosive environments. Southco’s E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch series complies with rail industry standards for fire resistance and vibration as they are tested to DIN EN 45545 and DIN EN 61373 standards.

As the E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch has a small size and somewhat symmetrical shape, it is often hard to see if a round headed latch is securely fastened from a distance, as the bi-stable cover gives a true indication of whether a latch is fully closed or open, it makes it the ideal use for preventing security and safety risks whilst users operate and maintain rail, lighting and other industrial equipment.

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