Techsil’s new epoxy adhesives cure in seconds with UV-LEDs

Curing with UV-LED light has helped to elevate light curable adhesive bonding to new levels of advancement. Until recently, UV-LED hardening adhesives were limited to free-radical curing acrylates. With the recent development of new and innovative photo-initiators, cationic curing epoxy systems can now also be hardened in seconds.

UV Equipment manufacturers are now offering a new generation of UV-LED-equipment with higher output intensities, significantly reducing curing time for adhesives and coatings. Epoxy based resins can now be cured as fast as light curable acrylates. The combination of new UV-LED equipment and newly developed epoxies cure as quickly as with broad spectrum UV light with added benefits. Advantages of Epoxies • Proven reliability against environmental effects and wide temperature differences • Hardened epoxy adhesives feature dry and tack-free surfaces, making them the ultimate protective surface coating • Excellent optical characteristics with high refractive indices – ideal for applications in precision optics and lens bonding • Low shrinkage for better positioning and minimal movement • Low ionic and alkali contents, with halogenide contents as low as < 10 ppm • Wide range of compositions to achieve the desired properties: they can vary from flexible and soft with high breaking strains, to hard and scratch-free with extremely high adhesion Advantages of LED Technology • High energy efficiency, Less maintenance and significant reductions in energy costs • Long operating life (typical lifetime of LEDs > 20.000 hrs) • Less thermal radiation and thus lower thermal stress on heat-sensitive substrates • No stand-by times, No warm up or cool down phases needed Techsil supplies a range of UV LED adhesives that can be used in a multitude of applications. These ranges of UV curing adhesives can be used with a wide variety of substrates such as plastics, glass, and metals and are used extensively in many sectors such as: electronics, medical equipment, glass bonding, and optics. The main range is Vitralit® from Panacol which are all single component adhesives that cure within the space of a few minutes. All Panacol LED-cure epoxy adhesives and sealants may also be cured using traditional broad spectrum UV curing equipment. Thus the new generation of epoxies can be incorporated into existing UV bonding processes. For more information download brochure from the Techsil website About Panacol Panacol is an internationally active provider in the growth market for industrial adhesives, with an extensive product range from UV adhesives through structural adhesives to silicones. Panacol offers superior quality and has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 since 2002. About Techsil Techsil is a global supplier of industrial RTV silicones, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, tapes, casting and mould making materials to a wide range of manufacturing industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Railway, Lighting and Rapid Prototyping.