The new way to measure the temperature of metals

The new TIM M1 1µm thermal imaging camera is rapidly becoming the preferred method for in process temperature measurement of metals. With many more advanced features than a spot pyrometer, yet at the extremely competitive price of less than £3150, the TIM M1 has revolutionized the way the industry measures the temperature of hot metals.

Operating at the short measurement wavelength of 1µm, the TIM M1 also provides a more accurate and stable measurement over conventional thermal imaging cameras which operate at 8-14 µm. This is because metals exhibit a much higher emissivity at shorter wavelengths.

Whether you currently use short wavelength pyrometers, or have tried conventional thermal imaging cameras, the new TIM M1 will provide a step change improvement in temperature measurement and control of your process.

The temperature measurement range of the thermoIMAGER TIM M1 is 450°C to 1800°C, which makes the thermal imager ideal for both primary and secondary metal processing applications, including hardening and forming processes. In addition, the TIM M1 is also suitable for measurements of graphite and ceramics.

The compact dimensions enable the TIM M1 to be integrated easily into existing machinery and processes however for more demanding environments, a robust stainless steel air or water cooled enclosure can be supplied to protect the camera enabling operation in ambient temperatures of up to 315°C!

Advanced software – licence free

The licence free software supplied with every TIM M1 has many advanced functions to enable real time process control and multiple alarm output configurations. In addition, the TIM M1 can measure at up to 1 kHz with its centre pixel, which enables the TIM M1 to be also used as a high-speed spot pyrometer with integrated alarm and output functions.

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