The world’s most capable 3D printer just got better

Continuing to push the boundaries of 3D-printed realism, Stratasys has unveiled the next-generation of its powerful, full-colour, multi-material PolyJet 3D Printer, the J850. The J850 boosts speed and productivity for designers and engineers with greater material capacity and faster printing while continuing the J-series’ reputation for extremely high print quality.

All is all, the J-850 promises to reduce the time-to-market for product development teams around the globe by offering features such as the new Super High-Speed Mode, which prints at twice the speed of the previous J-Series 3D printer. In addition, the J850’s larger, seven-material capacity enables designers to print in over 500,000 colours, in any combination of transparent, opaque, flexible, or stiff materials, all in a single print. It is true multi-material 3D printing, with no other printer on the market coming close to its capabilities.

The J850’s VeroUltraClear material can deliver high clarity and finely detailed models that are similar in appearance to glass. VeroUltraClear can help designers visualise internal features and create concept models that verify the design of clear parts. Additionally, DraftGrey is a low-cost concept material that is ideal for fast, affordable iterations at the beginning of the design process.

“The new J850 has been built to meet the needs of the full design process in industries such as consumer goods, consumer electronics, automotive, as well as education settings,” says Shamir Shoham, Vice President of the PolyJet Business Unit at Stratasys. “Typically, that process includes two separate streams: evaluating geometric shape with a physical single-colour model, and then colour and texture. The J850 merges these two mediums into one full-colour, multi-material model to make better design decisions, earlier.”

The J850 also provides PANTONE Validated colour – offering a universal language of colour that ensures reliable, realistic decision-making across every stage of the design process. Fully supported by GrabCAD Print software, the J850 is CAD-agnostic allowing 3D prints directly from a user’s favourite professional CAD format to avoid time and complexity associated with converting STL files.

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