Why should I consider using ARaymond™ Quick Connectors?

ARaymond™ Quick Connectors simplify assembly operations because of their simple operation and their accessibility. There is a wide variety of designs and orientations, with different locking systems (2 buttons, RayLOCK®) that respond to the constraints of channel mounting, reduced accessibility, or the need for assembly checking.

TFC’s Applications Engineer, Justin Lawrence, answers some typical questions customers pose when considering ARaymond products.

What products can the connectors be used with?

They are found in all types of automotive and heavy vehicle fluid connection systems including fuel lines, cooling circuits, SCR Urea lines, battery cooling, air conditioning, power steering and brake fluid circuits. As well as in Industrial applications that include HVACs, household appliances, electronic equipment, manufacturing machinery, lighting, site machinery and railway equipment.

What sizes and types of tubing are they compatible with?

The ranges of quick connectors meet international standards such as the SAE J2044 standard, VDA standards, or European standards and are available in a wide variety of diameters, from 6.30 mm - 1/4” SAE to 69 mm. The quick connectors are compatible with all types of tubes, such as polyamide tubes or rubber hoses, whatever the diameter. We also offer connection solutions by welding for polyamide tubes.

What happens if we need additional functionality?

The Quick Connectors can be equipped with valves or sensors, offering a multitude of technical solutions to your problems, including flow control, pressure controls as well as one way and Shut off valves.

To discuss in more detail these and any other questions regarding ARaymond products, submit your own question via e-mail sales@tfc.eu.com, or contact TFC on 01435 866011.