World's First Structural, Hybrid Adhesive

With the introduction of its LOCTITE® 4090 cyanoacrylate/epoxy hybrid adhesive, Henkel has provided industry with the best of both worlds; the fixture speed of an instant adhesive and the durability of an epoxy. This unique combination opens up completely new application areas for instant adhesives in structural bonding.

LOCTITE® 4090 is based on Henkel’s new and innovative, patent-protected hybrid technology. It also builds on the capability of its unique forerunner, LOCTITE® 3090, the only ‘instant’ able to fill gaps up to 5mm.

The new addition has this ability too but the characteristic that sets it apart is its suitability for load bearing parts. In this sense it behaves more like an epoxy than a cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Epoxy adhesives are the traditional choice for demanding structural bonding applications. They provide exceptional static and dynamic strength. As with all adhesives they allow stress to be distributed across the entire bond face and allow lighter parts to be designed as opposed to when using traditional joining methods.

LOCTITE® 4090 adds a new dimension to the LOCTITE® armoury for structural bonding through its fixture time. While a typical epoxy has a minimal fixture time of 10 minutes, LOCTITE® 4090 requires just 5 minutes. This makes it the perfect choice for applications where handling strength needs to be achieved in minimum time.

In LOCTITE® 4090 industry has all the speed and material versatility of a classic cyanoacrylate, plus high temperature performance and moisture/chemical resistance. It is suitable for temperatures up to 150◦C and ideal for bonding highly stressed joints and those that are exposed to vibration.

This new two-part hybrid is supplied in a 50ml cartridge - complete with 5 mixing nozzles - which slots into a standard LOCTITE® handgun for application.