CADCAM gives glass maker freedom of expression

Rexam Glass, a glass manufacturer based in Barnsley, is now able to offer its clients total freedom of expression

thanks to its new CAD/CAM software. The embossing and debossing opportunities offered by Delcam's Total Modelling CAD/CAM software provide the latest addition to the extensive range of in-house decorative opportunities, which give Rexam's customers more ways to express their creativity and reinforce the personality and values of their brands. Adding relief onto the glass is one of the most distinctive decoration methods available, enabling customers to not only see but also to feel a key message or device such as a trademark. Before investing in new software, Rexam used to manually engrave all the bottle moulds to generate the reliefs. This was slow and expensive but it was also very difficult to maintain consistency over a long run of moulds. "Adding the new software has been a great leap forward," said Roy Illingworth, CAD/CAM manager of the mould manufacturing unit at Rexam. "We can complete designs more quickly and can produce critical decorations like trade marks more accurately and with greater consistency. It has taken a lot of pressure off us and means we can offer customers a far better service." Adding text to the Newcastle Brown Ale bottle was the first project undertaken at Rexam using Delcam's software. DP Pointers * Delcam's CAD/CAM software has helped Rexam offer its customers more freedom of expression when it comes to creating and branding glass products * The software enables Rexam to complete designs faster and decorations on bottles can be produced more accurately and with greater consistency * The first project undertaken by Rexam using Delcam's software involved adding text to the Newcastle Brown Ale bottle