High resolution magnetic encoder

Motor Technology has launched what it claims is the world’s first high resolution, magnetic absolute encoder

. The Gel 235 from Lenord and Bauer in Germany uses a contour disk made of ferromagnetic steel. Three incremental tracks with stepped numbers of ridges are etched into the disk using optical lithography and chemical processes. The tracks are scanned magnetically using giant magneto resistive sensor elements and absolute position is determined by applying a Vernier scale to the readings. The new encoder is accurate to 0.1 deg and has an overall resolution of 28 bits (16 bit single turn and 12 bit multi turn). Profibus-DP and CANopen connections are available via a plug-on bus adaptor. The standard flange diameter is 58mm, and the housing length for both single and multi turn variants is 46mm or 30 mm longer with a bus cap. Clamping or synchro flanges and a semi-hollow shaft with cable or plug outlet are also available.