RobotStudio takes to the Cloud

The world’s leading robotics programming software expands into the cloud with powerful new functionalities, allowing teams to collaborate on robot programming and simulation from anywhere in the world, on any device.

ABB has enhanced its industry-leading RobotStudio robot programming and simulation software with cloud-enabled functionality. The new RobotStudio Cloud enables individuals and teams to collaborate in real-time on robot cell designs from anywhere in the world, on any device. New features such as automatic version control increase transparency and productivity across teams. The software’s simplified interfaces and intuitive navigation allow users of all skill levels to work on robotic projects.

RobotStudio is the world’s most popular offline programming and simulation tool for robotic applications. Based on the best-in-class virtual controller technology, RobotStudio suite gives the user full confidence that what you see on your screen matches how the robot will move in real life. Enabling the user to build, test and refine their robot installation in a virtual environment, this unique technology speeds up commissioning time and productivity by a magnitude.

The RobotStudio desktop version allows users to carry out programming and simulation without disturbing ongoing production. RobotStudio Cloud enables individuals and teams to collaborate in real-time on robot cell designs from anywhere in the world, on any device. The RobotStudio Augmented Reality Viewer enables you to visualise robots and solutions in a real environment or in a virtual room on any mobile device for free. Both the desktop and mobile application enable teams to collaborate and make faster decisions, speeding up the planning and design phase.

Offline programming is the best way to maximise return on investment for robot systems. ABB's simulation and offline programming software, RobotStudio, allows robot programming to be done on a PC in the office without shutting down production, this allows you to perform tasks such as training, programming and optimisation. Offline robotics programming can:

  • Help create accurate simulations for the plan and design phase,
  • Reduce downtime and speed up time-to-market,
  • Optimise efficiency, safety and sustainability operations.

The tool is built on the ABB Virtual Controller, an exact copy of the real software that runs your robots in production. This allows very realistic simulations to be performed, using real robot programs and configuration files identical to those used on the shop floor.

Computer-based programming has established itself as the best way to maximize return on investment for robotic systems. With the help of a virtual controller, programming tools such as

RobotStudio enable users to perform highly-accurate simulations and virtual commissioning of robotic solutions.

RobotStudio Cloud is a user-friendly web-based software for robot programming and simulation. The software works together with the RobotStudio desktop version and enables users from any location to gain quick access to robotic programs, make necessary changes and share with others in real time.

New features in the cloud version include simplified interfaces, version control and highly accurate simulation – making programming easier and faster. Simplified interface and intuitive navigation empower all levels of users to work on robotic projects 

“At ABB Robotics, we continue to develop innovative and flexible solutions to help businesses overcome challenges, respond to changing customer needs and thrive in an age of increasing digitalisation,” said Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics division.

“New web-based tools like RobotStudio Cloud bring a new level of agility and flexibility to manufacturers in how they plan and design their robotic automation solutions. Offering a simplified user experience, RobotStudio Cloud helps to increase collaboration and reduce complexity, enabling both novices and experts to push the boundaries of robotics programming.”

Already the world’s leading robotic programming software, the new and enhanced cloud based RobotStudio software can help companies program robots more collaboratively while cutting the time, cost and disruption associated with physical testing and commissioning. Now system integrators and engineering teams can collaborate in real-time to design, develop and enhance robotic automation solutions.

New features in RobotStudio Cloud include version control, which allows users to keep track of changes and have full transparency of any amendments. With complete knowledge of who edited the program and when, developers can cut the time needed to resolve errors and performance issues.

Incorporating RobotStudio’s cloud-based virtual controllers, developers have a rapid and powerful robot simulation tool to tune and test programs. By producing an exact digital twin, the virtual controllers give developers complete confidence that – once installed in the real world – the robot will move as precisely as in the simulation. This allows for the fine-tuning and optimisation that can help minimise waste or problems when production begins.

The software’s simplified interface makes it easier than ever to produce and change programs, enabling users with little engineering expertise to program robot applications rapidly and with minimum effort. Meanwhile, enterprise-grade protection ensures high security and productivity.

RobotStudio Cloud is the latest chapter in the ongoing development of ABB’s RobotStudio software, which already offers over 500 integrated productivity-enhancing functions. Automatic path planning, for example, can reduce the time needed to program robots by 80 percent. In addition, AR (augmented reality) and VR-enabled (virtual reality) options allow users to optimize the design of their robotic installations by enabling them to visualise and interact with them in a virtual 3D environment. RobotStudio Suite including the RobotStudio Cloud are available in the Premium license package.


  1. Cloud technology enables real-time collaboration with co-workers and end customers around the world
  2. Simplified interface and intuitive navigation empower all levels of users to work on robotic projects
  3. Keep track of different project versions and see who made which changes at anytime
  4. Best-in-class virtual controller to match simulation and reality
  5. Built-in enterprise-grade protection features ensure high security and productivity