Sensing pressure is child's play

Users often find that programming, even just to do the most simple of tasks, become a PhD-level exercise

Problem: The computing industry has driven the price of processors down so much that even the simplest hardware has more processing power than the Apollo moon mission. As control and measurement hardware take advantage of this extra power and therefore becomes more – and sometimes unnecessarily – intelligent, . Simple applications require simple measurements taken by clever kit that has not been designed to bamboozle you – or tell you what the current humidity is in Abu Dhabi along side your flow rate. Solution: Norgren has introduced an electronic pressure sensor that, it claims, is incredibly easy to use making programming it child's play. The 40D sensor will allow users to calibrate it and programme set points very easily while still ensuring accuracy as it linearises the signal and compensates for temperature fluctuations. At just 62mm long (75mm with a display) and 16mm in diameter it can be installed in even the most space-sensitive applications. Industry standard analogue and digital signals are catered for and it can be programmed to be normally open or normally closed and, with a standard M8x14 electrical connector, no tools are needed to wire it up. Applications: The sensor is suitable for use with filtered, non-lubricated compressed air and neutral gases. And, being manufactured from ABS, it is tough enough to withstand harsh environments. One useful feature is that the display can revolve. This means that even when located in awkward positions the display, which offers four different measurement units as well as peak flow values, is still clearly visible.