Stainless steel gearbox is fully sealed

New stainless steel gearboxes for electric motors in clean room area environments are fully sealed

. The Baldor 900 series accommodate internal air pressure changes by including an internal compression chamber and expansion bladder to eliminate the need for a breather vent. This avoids the possibility of ingress of water and other contaminants in pressure washdown processing environments. The worm style gearboxes provide solutions for items such as conveyors in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Made with smooth 316 grade stainless exterior surfaces, they provide a single reduction with a choice of 8 ratios from 60 to 5. From a standard 1750 rpm motor, they provide output speeds of 29 to 350 rpm. A C-face quill style input is provided for connection to the motor. Three sizes are available spanning centre distances from 44.5 to 66.6 mm, supporting continuous duty output torques from 18 to 121 Nm depending on model variant selected from a range of over 50. Hollow-bore shafts facilitate direct connection to loads, eliminating the cost and space required for a coupling mechanism, and with it, any need for washdown guarding. Solid shafts are also available as is a range compatible stainless steel motors. The gearboxes provide a much more robust and versatile solution than conventional gearboxes made of cast iron or aluminium, prone to pitting corrosion or other damage from cleaning solutions. The casings are cast using special moulds to produce a standard finish of about 6.3Ra. Should this be insufficient, they can also be electro-polished. TS To access this and other related articles go to click "Reference Library" and key in 'gearbox' to the search box Baldor Enter XXX Baldor UK email washdown at Baldor Pointers * Gearboxes are completely sealed with internal compression chambers and expansion bladders to accommodate air pressure changes * Exterior is 316 stainless steel of about 6.3 Ra finish which can be electro-polished if required * Hollow bore shafts facilitate direct connection to loads