Unique cylinder grooves fit all switches and sensors

Dean Palmer takes a look at a range of pneumatic cylinders that boasts a unique groove design that allows almost any type of switch or sensor to be fitted

A new range of pneumatic cylinders has been launched that uses a patent-pending groove design consisting of two grooves - a conventional round groove and a 'combi' groove that has round and angular elements - for fixing almost any type of sensor or reed switch. German company Numatics' new 'GeoMetric' range of cylinders are manufactured to VDMA 24562 and DIN/ISO 6431 standards. The unique groove design allows almost all current sensors and switches to be mounted easily and to be interchangeable. The cylinder has a brass adjusting screw for pneumatic cushioning at the cylinder head. And, although brass is a more costly material to use than more frequently-used plastic screws, the material enables very accurate adjustments of the cushioning, eliminating any chance of hot or sharp edged objects causing damage to the adjusting screw. For the piston rod bearings, Numatics opted for quality materials again. GeoMetric's sintered bronze bearings help to increase service life and improve the reliability of the cylinder. The new range is available with piston diameters from 32mm up to 100mm but the length can be varied according to customer requirements, typically between 2mm and 2 metres. For special applications, the range also includes products that are heat resistant up to 140°C and cold resistant down to -30°C. A stainless steel piston rod is also an option.