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Zeekr 009 collaborates with Southco

ZEEKR is a new electric vehicle (EV) brand from Geely, a Chinese automotive company.

Founded in 2021 in Ningbo, China, ZEEKR provides intelligent premium electric vehicles through new technologies and solutions. As a newly developed automotive maker, ZEEKR aims to create synergy between human and machine, striking a delicate balance between aesthetics and technology.

ZEEKR 009, the company’s first Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) EV, launched in 2022. It redefines the MPV, combining elegant design with a roomy and comfortable space. ZEEKR sought an integrated foldable table solution for this interior.

With the help of Southco, ZEEKR 009 makes the travel experience more convenient for passengers. Its flip-out table is designed to be lightweight, durable, and compact enough to conceal it in the armrest without taking up additional space. Southco engineered a customised solution specifically designed for ZEEKR.

It not only meets the rigorous demands of the automotive industry, but serves as an exquisite ornament that perfectly aligns with ZEEKR's expectations.

The Challenge

ZEEKR was looking to create a foldable table solution that could seamlessly integrate into the opulent interior of the ZEEKR 009. This
solution posed a multifaceted challenge, which encompassed various aspects of design, engineering, aesthetics, and user experience.

No manufacturer in Asia had ever attempted such a feat, especially one employing friction technology for all rotating pivots and the attachment of leather to an aluminium alloy surface using glue. Additionally, it had to offer smooth 180° operation while maintaining low noise.

These stringent requirements also included mirror polishing and chrome plating finish options, and a balance of high rigidity and low
weight in a constrained space. While conventional wisdom held other manufacturers back from stepping into uncharted territory, Southco leapt at the chance to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The Solution

In response to this formidable challenge, Southco delivered a fully customised solution that meticulously catered to ZEEKR’s specific requirements. Suppliers in Asia lack the necessary expertise to design and manufacture flip-out tables, so this is Southco's first attempt at creating such a product.

Driven by passion for perfection, Southco collaborated with a professional leather supplier to explore various finishes, seeking the perfect touch to adorn the magnificent ZEEKR 009. As a result, the table developed by Southco achieves a sleek and sophisticated look that aligned perfectly with the ZEEKR 009’s luxury image.

Southco engineers confirmed the optimal operating force and the resistance to vibration by applying the friction technology from Southco AV and AH hinging solutions. The hinging solution features constant torque, which allows for controlled resistance through the entire range of motion.

Additionally, the flip-out table is designed with Southco positioning technology. Passengers are able to silently operate the table with ease, and hold it securely in any position even under vibration or dynamic loads, facilitating smooth 180° operation without requiring any adjustments.

Occupying minimal space, this hinging solution allows flip-out tables to deploy to a secure horizontal position, and then easily fold and stow flat when not in use.

Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome table mechanisms – Southco delivered a streamlined solution that maximizes both
functionality and space efficiency.

Implementation and results

This four-year journey from design to production exemplified Southco’s dedication to crafting innovative solutions that go beyond the norms of functionality, durability, and ergonomics. The 180° rotating table with minimal flatness deviation, optimised weight distribution, and premium leather attachment demonstrated Southco’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Value

By collaborating with Southco, ZEEKR enhanced its commitment to providing a premium and convenient travel experience for its  passengers. The integration of Southco's flip-out table solution in the ZEEKR 009 EV interior adds a touch of sophistication and practicality.

With its lightweight and compact design, the table seamlessly blends into the armrest, optimising space utilisation. The use of the friction and positioning technology from Southco hinging solutions ensure smooth operation, stability, and silence, fulfilling ZEEKR's desire for luxury, comfort, and attention to detail.

This elevates the overall driver and passenger experience, setting ZEEKR apart as a brand that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality.