ABB Dodge Raptor coupling extends driven equipment life

ABB has introduced the Dodge Raptor coupling, featuring a patented WingLock technology, a finite-element optimised winged elastomeric design that provides longer driven equipment life and increased reliability.

WingLock technology is claimed to increase surface area at the most critical regions of the element, resulting in higher bond strength, improved fatigue resistance, and up to 5.9x longer life than competitive urethane designs.

A non-lubricated flexible natural rubber element is said to yield up to 50% lower stiffness, resulting in improved vibration damping, and industry leading misalignment capabilities. For reduced maintenance, the Raptor offers a split element for easy installation and replacement without moving or re-aligning connected equipment.

Suitable for a range of industrial applications, Raptor is offered with Armoured Elements for extra protection in extreme environments.Raptor couplings are also third-party ATEX Certified for use in hazardous environments. This new coupling can be integrated with ABB’s ATEX Certified motor-drive combination to create a power transmission package ideal for applications where equipment is used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Available in close-coupled and spacer designs for a wide range of ANSI and ISO shaft gaps, Raptor couplings are offered with finished bore or Taper-Lock bushed hubs with bore sizes up to 229mm and a torque range up to 38,438Nm.