Achieve fast, cost-effective 3D printing with new technology

Tri-Tech 3D will offer the F3300, a new fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printer from Stratasys that can print up to twice as fast as alternative printers, while offering significant improvements in cost per part and reliability.

The machine’s increased gantry speeds, quicker extrusion rates and automated calibration help save time, improve uptime and increase throughput. The system is currently on pre-order with shipping scheduled for Q2 of 2024.

The F3300 is primarily designed for end use part production but can also be used for prototyping. Featuring four print heads and easy-to-recycle spools, the machine allows operators to preload and print in different materials and colours to achieve a high-quality end product. The machine features a tool changer to allow operators to switch between the four print heads and a heated chamber allowing for multiresolution and multicolour while improving mechanical properties, and operators can adjust the print speed and layer height to produce parts with intricate details. Its advanced software means that the machine fills voids in a way that allows for higher part density resulting in stronger parts.

“Because the machine features four material chambers, operators can print large parts without having to stop to reload the material spools,” explained Rob Pitts, sales manager at Tri-Tech 3D. “The spool size and design means users can save 25 per cent of their material cost. Coupled with significantly faster printing times and reduced downtime, you can expect to achieve 45 per cent lower cost per part.”

The machine’s added sensors will enable predictive maintenance to prevent machine downtime and ensure quality parts. The strain gauges on the extruders enable the system to signal when parameters such as push force, position, temperature, or velocity are incorrect, preventing the machine from printing a part that will fail.

“If moisture enters a typical 3D printer, it can turn into vapour when extruded, creating air bubbles in the part and reducing part quality,” said Yann Rageul, VP commercial enablement additive manufacturing at Stratasys. “To prevent this from happening, the F3300 is equipped with integrated material dryers to eliminate poor quality and failed parts due to material moisture, key for enhancing printer reliability and part strength.”