Aerotech launches automation platform equipped industrial computer

Aerotech has launched an industrial computer option for its A3200 Automation Platform software based multi-axis motion and automation control system.

The industrial grade A3200 pc computer is available in both panel mount and 19in rack formats (4 or 1U) with Windows 7 or XP PRO operating systems and with processing power and memory to match the users' application. Optional hardware peripherals include additional FireWire, usb and serial ports, dual Ethernet ports and solid state memory storage. The computer is supplied as a ready to run solution, pre-installed with the users choice of A3200 software and configured for remote server operation if required. For maximum purchasing flexibility, it is also available complete with monitor, mouse and keyboard options that include an integrated trackball or touchpad. Aerotech's A3200 Automation Platform is said to harness the power of the pc through its Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Composer GUI software components - using the high speed FireWire (IEEE-1394) network to provide up to 32 axes of decentralised and tightly synchronised motion and machine control. With no performance drop as the axis count increases, the fully deterministic A3200 network is designed to handle position, time and velocity commands with machine I/O instruction and status monitoring via dedicated high performance digital servo or microstepping drives. The motion and machine controller includes individual modules for vision, PLC, robotics and I/O with extensive tools for programme development and machine commissioning - in one unified programming environment.