AMP stepSERVO now available with EtherCAT

AMP (Applied Motion Products) has launched EtherCAT communications versions of its StepSERVO closed loop stepper technology products. The range covers three EtherCAT network intelligent drives with continuous output current of 3, 5 and 10A together with 14 matched StepSERVO stepper motors from NEMA size 11 to 34.

This combination offers automation systems and machine builders a range of high performance intelligent drives with greater torque, acceleration, and throughput than traditional step motor systems and also enables highly precise axis synchronisation through EtherCAT.

The SS-EC series drives support CANopen over EtherCAT with CiA operating modes that include profile velocity, torque and position as well as profile cyclic synchronous position, and cyclic synchronous velocity. The drives also include AMP’s Q-programming for stored program execution which can be managed over EtherCAT. The EtherCAT+StepSERVO drives run from 24 to 70Vdc and a full complement of optional interfacing cables and connectors form part of the range.

AMP’s stepSERVO technology brings closed-loop servo control to compatible stepper motors. Typical peak-torque performance for the 34 frame version is over 8 Nm - up to 50% more than the equivalent sized motor operating open loop.As well as being quieter and more efficient than open loop steppers, further benefits include stall-free performance and zero lost motion through missed steps. At the other end of the range the size 11 StepSERVO offers a compact footprint for small machine applications with enhanced dynamic performance.