Biesterfeld takes over distribution of high-performance polymers

​Biesterfeld and advanced materials manufacturer Solvay are expanding their long-term partnership. With immediate effect, Biesterfeld will take over distribution of the products Ixef HC, Omnix and Kalix (all of which are polyarylamide-based). The new agreement applies to large parts of Europe including the Nordic region and the UK, as well as some neighbouring countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The polyarylamide (PARA) Ixef HC for medical applications is characterised in particular by its exceptional strength and rigidity combined with an outstandingly smooth surface. The product also offers outstanding flow properties and chemical resistance. Thanks to these properties, Ixef® is extremely suitable for use in, for example, medical applications, such as single-use surgical instruments, equipment housings and structural components. It can also be used in food supply equipment and has many other applications in the medical and food industries.

Omnix and Kalix are two high-performance polymers that are also polyarylamide-based. Omnix offers exceptional flow properties and low flash combined with outstanding rigidity and excellent dimensional stability. In addition to its high impact strength and minimal warpage, Kalix is also characterised by its exceptional flow properties and low flash. As a result, both products are used in structural components and, thanks to their good surface properties, in visible parts for smart devices and housings in medical, consumer and mobility applications. Omnix is also suitable for food and drinking-water applications.

“Solvay is pleased to expand our partnership with Biesterfeld, and we look forward to their support to help us meet the rising demand for our specialty polymers,” said Matthias Eck, Global Product Manager Ixef PARA/ Kalix & Omnix HPPA. “This further strengthens our ability to support the design goals and competitive growth of our customers in countries that are strategic to our business.”

“We have had a close working relationship with Solvay for more than 20 years,” adds Nils Müller, Product Manager at Biesterfeld Plastic. “As a long-term partner we are absolutely delighted at Solvay’s confidence in us and that with Ixef HC, Omnix and Kalix® we will be adding three more excellent products to our portfolio. Our customers will also benefit from the development of customised solutions for a wide range of applications. The new products are an ideal addition to our comprehensive portfolio for medical applications, as well as for use in the consumer and mobility sectors, and will provide our customers with great added value.”