CadMouse family expands

3D Connexion launches new peripherals for professionals.

3Dconnexion has expanded its range of peripherals designed to meet the needs of professional users. The completed and refined CadMouse range of products now includes a compact form factor, a compact wireless, and the ultimate Pro model for power users.

These new introductions cater to specific and exacting user requirements, ranging from hand size and grip type preferences to specialist application functionality, extensive programmability, and mobility features for users on the move.

3Dconnexion has met several major design challenges with the introduction of these three new products: with CadMouse Compact, 3Dconnexion has introduced a dedicated middle mouse button despite the compact size, to minimize the strain of repetitive clicks and movements, by reducing actuation force. The lightweight cabled mouse is designed for those who frequently switch environments, requiring faster and more agile movement.

The 3Dconnexion CadMouse Compact Wireless is developed for top-level wireless performance in a conveniently compact body. Lightweight and agile, it is especially suited for design and engineering professionals who prefer to use a compact form factor and want devices that are particularly suitable for mobile workstyles.

The CadMouse Pro, a full-size wired mouse specifically designed for power users requiring supremely comfortable use over long working sessions, demonstrates 3Dconnexion’s exceptional precision technology thanks to a button design breakthrough and ultimate precision.

They all feature advanced ergonomics and precise calibration, offering superior comfort and ideal sensitivity, reactivity, and precise control which guarantee a seamless CAD experience.

Engineered with the best and most durable materials and components, the new products also demonstrate the latest update to its Smart Mouse Wheel 2 capability, guaranteeing refined control and adaptable navigation. The Smart Scroll capability offers several advanced scrolling modes based on activity, which alter scroll behaviour to adapt to the software and when necessary, to apply more precise control.

“The Tick-to-Tick function, specific to CAD applications, allows users to zoom in and out of models and drawings with exceptional seamlessness. For other environments, specifically in browsing or document viewing, the Smooth Scroll function offers a reliable scroll after each first flick, which gives, for example, consistency in the number of pages a user usually skips,” said Antonio Pascucci, CEO of 3Dconnexion.

Renowned for optimal performance and top comfort, the CadMouse family is empowered with 20 years of research-based ergonomic and technological refinements, is known for its sleek aesthetics, and its unique focus on comfortable and healthy usability.

“The compact formfactor is perfect for multiple grip modes, particularly the fingertip grip style. Despite the compact design, our level of perfectionism has made it possible to maintain a level of

mouse sensitivity and precise control which guarantee a seamless and enhanced CAD experience.” Antonio Pascucci expanded.

“With CadMouse Pro, we have an elevated, larger shape and we are especially proud of our accomplishment of a button design breakthrough for ultimate precision. The design is comprised of distinct and specially contoured and positioned buttons with a hinge construction, which increase both the precision and responsiveness of the click, providing a more controlled mouse feedback”.

3Dconnexion creates the world’s most advanced, precise, and comfortable peripherals for design and engineering professionals. Optimized for over 300 software packages, our products help people across industries produce better designs more efficiently.