Camera gives machines 'mammalian' vision

Scorpion Vision has introduced the 3D Stinger Camera which, it claims can be installed with any robot system and can be used in a variety of manufacturing sectors including; Food, Automotive and Heavy industries. With technology developed by Tordivel AS of Oslo, the 3D Stinger Camera is claimed to enable production-line robots to see with almost human-like vision.

It is said the camera can distinguish the exact height, depth and sizes of products on a manufacturing line, sending information to the robot to adjust where the picking arm goes accordingly. The 3D Stinger Camera is also claimed to process images in 'real-time' as the camera is not required to scan whole areas at a time to detect products moving along the production line. This means that the total cycle time is only dictated by how fast the robot can pick.

Thanks to this real-time capability, the camera is also able to detect if something moves into the field of view and send new picking co-ordinates to the robot, avoiding any unexpected malfunctions due to foreign items in the robots path.