Clever air curtain management

1 min read

Airtècnics presents the CLEVER advanced control, an intelligent control system for air curtains that adapts the performance of the air curtain to the entrance conditions.

Taking into account the type of door, its opening and closing frequency and the indoor/outdoor temperature, the CLEVER system enables adaptation between ventilation and heating to create an air barrier and a climate separator.

The system is user-friendly, easy to install and is supplied ready to work thanks to its 'Plug&Play' PCB power supply. It allows manual or automatic operation with a range of options, depending on the heating system type (water, electrical, heat pump or unheated).

The system has been designed for ease of use with its icons and multi-language menu, together with an intuitive system display. The air curtain can be managed, via a CLEVER Control app, from any Windows PC, Android or IOS device.

It has an energy saving mode with three settings to suit how often the door is opened and how quickly it is needed to regulate the temperature. It can also be programmed differently for each day of the week or time of the day.