Contactless sensor gives rotary measurement

Penny + Giles has introduced the SRH220DR, a new dual redundant output contactless rotary position sensor. The SRH220DR uses proven, non-contact programmable Hall-effect technology to provide OEMs with highly reliable and accurate rotary measurement in extreme industrial and off-highway environments.

This new sensor, with a choice of integrated six-way connectors, provides numerous programmable options. Designed for operation in extreme temperatures, the SRH220DR enables system designers to quickly and easily improve the safety and integrity of their control systems by using the dual independent power supply and output signals, allowing compliance with SIL-2 requirements for systematic safety as defined in IEC 61508. Designed for use in arduous operating environments, the SRH220DR is suitable for diverse applications, including cold planing machines (tracked steering control), garbage collection vehicles (bin lift control), road sweeping vehicles (4-wheel steering), and combine harvesters (header position control). The SRH220DR provides OEMs with a wide selection of parameter options including measurement range, and clockwise or anticlockwise direction output. This flexibility provides OEMs with a greater amount of control to configure the sensor to best suit their needs and achieve maximum performance.