Delivering Industry 4.0-ready intralogistics

Festo has announced the Multi-Carrier-System (MCS), its Industry 4.0-ready linear motor track system, jointly developed with Siemens. MCS is an adaptable, modular transport solution for manufacturing and production, combining linear motor and mechanical guidance technology from Festo with Siemens’ controls expertise.

MCS is claimed to addresses the need for flexibility in modern manufacturing and production environments driven by increasingly complex product diversity, shorter product life cycles and growing levels of mass customisation. Potential applications include cosmetics packaging, food and beverage processing or industrial manufacturing of customised, bespoke products.

Its configurable linear transport rail can be integrated into existing intralogistics and standard conveyor systems, with precise synchronisation and seamless infeed and outfeed of transport carriers. Movement of carriers within the system can be adapted to deal with different formats, sizes and types of product. Motion profiles can be defined for each carrier, enabling them to move freely and independently of all other carriers jerk-free and precisely. They can be started and stopped at any desired position and moved towards each other without risk of collision. Carriers can also be grouped together and moved synchronously at fixed distances.

Incorporating decentralised sensors and intelligence, MCS also addresses Industry 4.0 requirements and applications. Its flexible electromechanical design enables adaptable, reconfigurable and economic production, even for mixed requirements and small batch sizes, while its OPC-UA interface enables integration into Industry 4.0 host environments.