Delta Couplings for mobile plant applications

Huco Dynatork has become the UK distributor of Delta flywheel couplings from Guardian Couplings. The Delta range is designed to deliver smooth power transmission, with reduced noise and vibration, for diesel driven hydrostatic machinery including forklifts, agricultural vehicles and off-highway plant equipment.

The couplings have been designed for easy installation, using a single-piece design which incorporates a hardened steel hub that is pre-assembled into a glass-fibre reinforced flange. The coupling attaches to the engine flywheel, taking advantage of elastomeric grommets that provide a steady dampening effect, protecting against normal engine vibrations and shock loading. Despite the dampening, the construction of the coupling remains relatively stiff, allowing equipment with low inertia to operate below the critical speed range.

While the couplings are suited to accurately aligned drives, they are able to accommodate the small angular, parallel and axial misalignments which are typical to piloted flange connections. They have been designed for long term reliability in demanding applications with the latest tier engines, and are able to transmit a nominal torque of up to 693Nm and a maximum torque of 1730Nm. The hubs can be specified with a straight bore and keyway with set screw retention for straight pump shaft demands, or with a spline shaft connection.

The Delta range is suitable for use in almost any industrial environment thanks to an operating temperature window ranging from -40°C to 100°C.