Dust and splash proof drives

1 min read

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the FR-A846 range of IP55 enclosed variable speed drives that are suited for use in harsher environments than conventionally packaged inverter drives.

The IP55 rated units are designed to provide variable speed control in demanding applications and where the control architecture is decentralised. The FR-A846 range features a state of-the-art high speed processor in addition to energy saving features and low harmonics. The output range is from 400W up to 160kW.

Other features include data logging functionality and a built in PLC, allowing the drive to form the heart of a full, standalone automation system.

Maximum speed and torque up to 590Hz can be achieved using the sensorless vector control facility. An overload capacity of 200% during the start-up phase is claimed to ensure reliable starting cycles, even under demanding operating conditions. Minimum terminal cycle times of less than 3ms give fast response, while speed rise times of less than 80ms help to ensure maximum performance and enhanced productivity.

The FR-A846 inverters offer many network options including CC-Link, SSCNET, Profibus-DP, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, LONworks and Modbus RTU, enabling the drives to be used all over the world.

To further simplify maintenance, the drives are available with a built in mains switch to power down the drive and lock it securely. At the same time they can be connected to an external power supply so that the parameters can still be set and network communications maintained.