Easy-to-use flow and pressure sensors with IO-Link

Festo has launched two sensors with IO-Link output that enable engineers to check the status of their processes and increase production efficiencies. SFAW is the first flow sensor from Festo for sensing liquid media and the SPAU is a modular system designed for the monitoring of pressure and vacuum in process and factory automation applications.

The sensors are available with IO-Link output options and the modular electrical output concept means the sensors are flexible and open, allowing integration into numerous control systems. They are also available with switchable PNP/NPN output, which means users can simplify their stock management and make cost savings associated with reduced warehousing.

The SFAW sensors are suitable for monitoring the flow rate, consumption and optionally, temperature of liquid in cooling circuits, for example in welding guns in the automotive industry or in front-end applications in the semiconductor and other electronics industries. The sensors offer two flow measurement ranges of 1.8 to 32l/min and 5 to 100l/min and are suitable for use with liquids that have a viscosity up to 2mPa. Temperature of liquid media can be measured from 0 to 90°C.

The SPAU sensor for pressure measurement, monitoring and sensing is designed to keep pressure levels under control, ensuring greater productivity and process reliability as well as faster system commissioning.Pressure indication, pressure switch outputs and analogue value output are all possible in one device and the sensor can reliably measure from 0 to 16bar. It has a range of functions for non-corrosive gases including network, regulator and vacuum monitoring, leak tests and object detection.

Their modular concept enables the sensor and connections to be purchased separately, ensuring maximum flexibility during assembly - screw, flange and tubing connection options are available.

Both the SFAW and SPAU sensors are sealed to IP65 for use in harsh process environments.