Enabling smaller frame size applications

Oriental Motor has announced the launch of its RoHS compliant, CMK series of two phase stepping motor and 24V dc input micro step driver packages.

Oriental Motor says that these enabling users to reduce the physical size of the motor used. Each CMK series motor comes complete with the appropriate driver. The low vibration and noise characteristics of the micro step drive is the result of using the motor's basic step angle of 1.8°/step divided by a maximum of 16 resolutions. This results in 0.1125°/step without the use of either a reduction mechanism or other mechanical elements. According to Oriental Motor, CMK, with its micro step driver is one of the smallest drives in the industry. The two phase assembly comes in five motor frame sizes of 28 to 60mm, as well as in five motor versions. Geared micro step motors and drivers also feature in the CMK range. SH types come in eight gear ratio versions, all suitable for reduction, having increased torque, higher resolution and suppressed vibration. Similarly, TH geared types come in five gear ratio versions and are effective for reduction with increased torque, higher resolution and suppressed vibration. A range of accessories is also available for use with CMK motor driver assemblies, including lead wires with connectors and versions that do not need crimping, connector housings for use with connector-coupled motors, installation mounting brackets, flexible couplings and clean dampers.