Endurance high-temperature ratio pyrometers

Fluke Process Instruments has introduced the Endurance Series of high-temperature ratio pyrometers. These instruments are said to enable continuous visual process monitoring and are designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing and silicon production.

The Endurance Series pyrometers provide a robust solution for manufacturers seeking to improve product quality and uniformity, reduce reject rates, maximise throughput, and minimise energy costs. They offer optical resolution of up to 150:1, for viewing critical process operations. Multiple lens, sighting and focus options are available for different mounting distance and sighting needs.

The units feature galvanically-isolated inputs/outputs, as well as an IP65 rated stainless steel housing able to withstand ambient temperatures up to 65°C or up to 315°C using cooling accessories.

The pyrometers are also said to be versatile and easy to install. The sensors operate with either PoE or DC power, and interface to various bus systems. A rear-panel user interface is claimed to simplify navigation. PC-based Endurance setup and monitoring software is provided for configuration and deployment, and a built-in web server enables archiving of historical data for traceability and process troubleshooting.